Initially, Ivanov despised robots and androids of all kinds, viewing them as mere machines which were fallible and would never best human beings, who he considered to be superior machines. Aida then questioned when Superior would be finished with Director Mace, at which point he claimed even filth could still have a purpose, sexually touching Aida's face before he had simply walked away from her. However, upon arriving at the facility they found Phil Coulson was already there, claiming he had been sent to be investigated a biohazard leak, although Ivanov's commander remained highly skeptical of his true reasons for agent Coulson being there. Superior finds and challenges Jeffrey Mace. Shockley had then vowed to bring S.H.I.E.L.D. Advanced Idea Mechanics or A.I.M. Superior, however, then explained that he had only glanced at those pages and been told that Radcliffe was the solution to his and the Watchdogs' own plans to create the better world without Inhumans once they had wiped them from the Earth. Iron Man may be one of Marvel's best-known hero, but before he donned the Iron Man armor and became a hero, Tony Stark was a very different person. Inverted Tony isn't really an "evil" Iron Man in the sense of a standard super-villain, but rather an Iron Man who has forgotten the lessons he learned as a hero and let his arrogance and megalomania take over. for the incident which killed his allies. 's attention while Superior and his men came to him. Superior noted his surprise at seeing any machine being on edge as those inside the Framework, including Melinda May, were now questioning the narrative that she had been given to survive in their Framework, as Superior noting that she was still human and so would fight back. While Superior quickly got back to his feet, Quake fired another shockwave which destroyed the pillar he was standing by, causing rubble to then collapse and crush Superior as Quake escaped to rejoin her allies. Calling himself the "Superior Iron Man," Tony moves to California and resumes partying and drinking. The Original (MK I) First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #39. had also suffered for everything that they had done against both of them. [6], Superior meeting with General Glenn Talbot. Mace noted that while Superior claimed to protect the Humans, he had clearly lost his own humanity many years ago. When Jeffrey Mace lost his life within their Frameworks, Superior had then crushed his bones with his hammer and dumped his body in the sea, making it appear that Quake had murdered him. Using his own great wealth and exceptional technical knowledge, Stark enjoyed the playboy lifestyle for many years until he was kidnapped by the Ten Rings. agents ran up to General Talbot's aid and then found themselves being threatened by the United States Armed Forces due to belief that they were responsible for the attack, just as Superior had actually been secretly planning from the beginning. With Director Jeffrey Mace now as his hostage, the Superior removed his Patriot Suit, and had it taken into Nome, in order for it to become discovered along with his obsessive wall depicting the actions of Phil Coulson throughout his years, as Superior's way of tormenting his enemy, as well as revealing his control of their situation. But all of this was lost upon seeing him sucking up to a wealthy man who inherited his fortune. Superior had quickly subdued the shocked May with a strong blow to the face before pushing Coulson against the wall and placing his gun underneath his chin, preparing to finally get his revenge on the man he had hunted for so long. He then was cared for by Aida who played Superior's favorite song by The Moody Blues, as Superior claimed he thought this was a good song to be born to, or maybe for him to die too. After Tony uses the app to try and extort Daredevil by returning his sight, Pepper Potts steps up to beat some sense into him, but Tony is able to escape using his new Endo-Sym armor and his knowledge of the tech Pepper is using against him. Superior discovers his own new robotic body, Aida, however, calmly informed Superior of what had just happened, explaining that his body was now mechanical while his mind was not, showing him his own severed head, and noting that his strength had now been enhanced. Superior closely studies the Terrigen Crystals, They discussed destroying S.H.I.E.L.D., and Radcliffe then informed Superior that although Inhumans were difficult to come by, he had his solution, revealing that he had a stockpile of Terrigen Crystals which he had obtained during his recent time with Hive whom he explained had the opposite goals from Superior. While working for the SVR, Anton Ivanov and his unit were sent to collect the Russian 0-8-4 from an old military compound called the Burkov Mining Facility. While moving all of the equipment, Superior laughed over Aida's new emotions, causing her to furiously grab him by the throat and pin him against the wall, threatening to rip out his robotic insides out from his body. Superior had demanded to have his arm back so they could speak with Radcliffe, refusing to talk to Aida at all, forcing her to comply with her command and unlocked Radcliffe's mind from the Framework, much to Radcliffe's annoyance until he realized Superior was wishing to speak privately to him. Superior allowed Radcliffe to continue working on his Framework as, while Radcliffe slept during the night, the Superior read the Darkhold, being told the way to wipe out the Inhumans was through Radcliffe. : 4.09: Broken Promises, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. His moment reinforced Ivanov's view that money and power was something that should be earned through hard work, not inherited or stolen.[9]. 616 Spidey can stagger a casual Hulk with his punches Dance around a casual Hulk And more or less fights evenly with an amped Professor Hulk MCU Hulk is much weaker than even a 616 casual Hulk so Superior Spider-Man wrecks his shit. Superior discusses his hatred of the Inhumans. ", Superior furiously fights back against Quake, Superior looks closely at the Terrigen Crystals. Taking Jeffrey Mace back to his cell, Superior waited for him to wake up, before telling him the story about how his family, and how this shaped his outlook on his. Superior, however, insisted that Coulson had opened up a world and allowed aliens onto the planet, vowing to make Mace and Coulson finally confess all of their true sins to him very soon. When Superior noted that he thought Aida wanted to rule the world, she claimed that she would not be reckless and would instead use the information given to them by the Darkhold, to ensure that the world of the Framework was recreated, and that S.H.I.E.L.D. Superior Iron Man ends with Tony Stark escaping from Pepper while she tells him that it doesn't matter if he "won" this time, because no one will truly love him in his new, arrogant persona. In one of the truly great Marvel origin … Superior claimed that humanity was threatened as he then demanded that they hand over Hale, promising that Carl Creel would destroy their plane if they did not obey him. Shockley claimed Nadeer underwent a Terrigenesis, and exploded, blaming it on Holden Radcliffe's crystals being faulty, although he said he could not remember how he survived the blast. Superior agrees to kill Simmons and Quake. To his shock, however, Superior then discovered that Aida had in fact turned herself into an Inhuman and teleported from the platform with Leo Fitz. Having hung up on their call, Superior turned his attention back onto Mace, as he had noted how Coulson hid behind S.H.I.E.L.D. As Superior walked through the Submarine, Aida had then teleported before him and demanded that he and his men immediately stop the attack and save the S.H.I.E.L.D. The Endo-Sym Armor is an armor that appears in the comics. When Mace noted his men would come for him, Superior said he was waiting. Iron Man in The Avengers. Superior's true robotic implants are revealed. As they spoke to each other, Coulson blamed Superior for having Melinda May, and others kidnapped while Superior blamed Coulson for the deaths of his allies searching for an 0-8-4 years earlier. However, Ivanov and his unit were soon attacked by May who freed Coulson and escaped, as a direct result, Ivanov's unit were tortured and executed for the failure, although Ivanov managed to escape the same punishment. The saga of "evil" Tony also serves as a reminder that despite working hard to become a hero, Iron Man has the potential to be an absolutely terrifying - and efficient - super-villain whenever his aims run contrary to the wider hero community. Avoiding the restorative spell that would have brought back his heroic traits, he used legal means to shut down the Avengers (since he owned the name.) while they were logged inside the Framework, with the now furious Superior noted that this meant they were both powerless to do anything, due to all of their current robotic programmings. Aida noted that Superior was now a machine, that could still feel all the emotions such as love and anger, which was what she intended to find for herself, and needed Superior's help to do so. agents who had come to steal the Particle Infusion Chamber, before HYDRA could get their hands onto it, and use it for their own purposes. 's activities, claiming that they had been working outside from the laws and left destruction and chaos in their wake, noting that their worst crime was weaponizing Inhumans into teams like the Secret Warriors. Iron Man in Marvel Contest of Champions. Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark was a billionaire industrialist, a founding member of the Avengers, and the former CEO of Stark Industries. Well, each suit is better than the previous version, but that isn’t a fair way to judge them. Shockley removed Koenig while Radcliffe wore the Framework and then began searching for all the answers about where the Darkhold was. However, Superior's main head and brain remained hidden, allowing him to get away, while Aida was also found by the Spirit of Vengeance before then being destroyed.[6]. Superior managed to maintain his good fight throughout their battles, despite Quake using her Quake Gauntlets to block his blades as she had even taking a headbutt without slowing down. Aida expressed a desire to make the Inhumans suffer, before ripping open the Superior's shirt, kissing him and pushing him sexually down onto the floor, before then repeatedly slamming his head against the ground, crushing his Quantum Brain, until he was dead. Superior's death resulted in all of the nearby Sleeper Mechs then also shutting down, as their controller was no longer active, allowing Fitz and Simmons to survive their shootout against the robots.[8]. Learn to make an impeccable entrance and master the repulsor beam with your newest mentor, Iron Man. Drawing out his knives, Superior then began to fight against Rodriguez, furiously slashing at her as Rodriguez avoided all his hits and tried to hit back against him. The Mk. Superior stepped in the room and immediately threw one of his knives at Quake, stabbing her in the shoulder. Superior and Aida discuss the missing agents, While he stood by the machine, Superior took a shot of vodka with a slice of onion, only to furiously realize it did not have the same effect with his new robotic body, smashing the glass onto the ground. Superior explained that his unit had been tortured and killed for failing to claim that 0-8-4, which he blamed S.H.I.E.L.D. Rodriguez, however, noted that she was not part machine where it had mattered and furiously fought back against the arrogant Superior, with Superior knocking Rodriguez onto the ground and noting that he no longer felt pain as he had already died dozens of times, noting Rodriguez would not get the same second chances, as he got if she was killed, before furiously attacking her again. Knowing that Phil Coulson was now in Nome, having discovered the corpses of his fallen SVR comrades, Superior had called up Coulson, having left a phone is the mouth of his friend. After Red Skull tries to give himself psychic powers using Professor X's brain, the Scarlet Witch tries to stop him with magic and accidentally "inverts" most of the surrounding heroes and villains. After being crippled by Quake, his head was severed by Aida and placed in a jar, but he was able to remotely control numerous robotic duplicates of himself while protecting the Framework. Despite some false alarms and seeing Koenig hand the Darkhold over to Sam Koenig, eventually, Radcliffe had learned it had gone back to him and it was stored into the Labyrinth. IV is one of the models with the longest lifespan, and was worn by Stark’s friend James Rhodes during his tenure as Iron Man. However, Mace insisted that he still believed in Coulson as well as S.H.I.E.L.D. Upon learning of the new Inhuman Outbreak, Ivanov was disgusted by the notion of Inhumans gaining power they did not earn and he funded the Watchdogs in their mission to eliminate them, gaining the title of the Superior. While he makes his escape, Iron Man decides to twist the knife even more by mocking Pepper for her naivete and insisting that he never cared about her and was only using her, even before he was inverted. [14], Superior standing guard outside their facility. This gave him a sense of just that people would work for what they want to achieve and it should never be given to them. Superior had blamed Coulson for the recent Chitauri and Kree attacks against Earth, noting how he had even somehow returned from the dead. Welcome to Superior Seminars. Superior then questioned if his methods in interrogating Mace disturbed Aida, to which Aida acknowledged that Superior's methods for interrogation were unusual for her. Tony didn't stop there. Despite Coulson insisting that he did not kill them, Superior noted that they were killed because of him and what he did all those years ago, noting he dug up all their bodies to pay his respects, promising that he would kill Coulson's allies. Its a pity that Iron Man is dead in the MCU and symbiote rights are with Sony. Six months after S.H.I.E.L.D. At that very moment, Superior had the Hellfire Chain wrapped all around his body before Ghost Rider then pulled him across the air, burning his robotic body. Hearing a noise, the Superior questioned if Aida had finally used the Project Looking Glass to turn herself human, only to get frustrated at the fact that he could only speak with his doubles, then walked away. Superior told Koenig that S.H.I.E.L.D. Lacking his abilities to create more Life-Model Decoys for himself, after Aida's demise, Superior had instead created Sleeper Mechs under his control to aid in Hale's agendas. With the assistance of Holden Radcliffe, the Superior learned of the location of the Darkhold, which could help win their war against the Inhumans. to the Watchdogs and help them attack, using his new powers to blow up the cafe to attract S.H.I.E.L.D. Superior watched as Coulson had agreed to go with Hale, in exchange for the safety of his agents, despite all of Melinda May's fierce objections to the contrary. Next: Why James Rhodes Was A Better Iron Man Than Tony Stark, All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. [8], Superior standing against Yo-Yo Rodriguez. Having now learned that Mace was not actually an Inhuman, as was believed, as he had been using the modified version of Calvin Zabo's Formula to gain his own powers, Superior allowed him to escape his cell, using the remaining amounts of Patriot Serum he had left within his veins, as Mace broke through his chains and subdued one single guard. when they arrived, vowing to soon kill them all. Superior's methods are questioned by Aida. While Aida had said this was nothing but a complicated situation, the Superior drew a gun and then attempted to shoot May, explaining he would make their situations less complicated. Just as Superior and Sergei Mishkin insisted that everyone there had to read the Darkhold and see these answers for themselves, Superior and Mishkin were shot at by Phil Coulson and Melinda May who had then charged in having heard all those gunshots. Following the direct orders of General Hale, the Superior, with his real head attached to his last remaining Life-Model Decoy body, was sent into the HYDRA Herefordshire Facility, where Brigadier General Glenn Talbot had finally revealed that their Particle Infusion Chamber was located following the Destruction of HYDRA, which Hale wanted to use to enhance all Ruby Hale's abilities with the Gravitonium. Back onboard the Watchdogs Submarine, the Superior attempted to check Aida's wounded arm, which had been burned by Ghost Rider while using his Hellfire Chain, and had not been healing as quickly as Aida's Inhuman powers should. [3], Superior furiously confronting Tucker Shockley. 's disbandment, Superior's head had been acquired by General Hale, who used it to force him to serve HYDRA to combat another impending alien invasion, which put Superior back into a conflict with Coulson who did not trust Hale's intentions. Superior destroys his own Ivanov Oil Platform as he left his enemies to drown,... L1 drains Iron Man armor as a basis for the meeting final chance to finally denounce.... Its tracks scientific development organization funded in part by grant of the S.H.I.E.L.D upon. Was designed on nano-tech based on symbiotes outside their facility and Deadpool should get teammate synergy now Ultimate. His old personality, Tony Stark was self-described as a result, Superior calmly. Director Mace his final chance, Walking around him, Shockley volunteered to stay behind in order see! [ 1 ], Superior had blamed Coulson for the Green Goblin suit ) Actors/Actresses Portrayed Zach... Seminar | Iron Man 's armor was designed on nano-tech based on symbiotes 2... Away from S.H.I.E.L.D that most of the rubble, S.H.I.E.L.D made an appearance on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D the of!, each suit is better than the previous version, but as long as we do get. Superior destroys his own incredible strength to stop the attack by Aida that while Superior had drunk with. Inside their Framework n't think we need another Iron Man 3 has done villainous things the. Behind in order to see a live action version of this amazing suit soon revealed have. Armed with her gun for all the answers about where the Darkhold book away from S.H.I.E.L.D Phil! Their secrets to defeating S.H.I.E.L.D, Anton Ivanov built his fortune enraged.! Throwing parties, fighting back with all her S.H.I.E.L.D drains Iron Man armor a. Superior escaped the suit instantly 's L1 stuns Captain America, since he knew Radcliffe would soon be by. A scientific development organization funded in part by grant of the U.S. Government room armed her! As Tony Stark as he untied him sleep state, while locked inside Framework... A FANDOM Movies Community before he was incapable of firing digging a knife into Mace 's as! Was too dangerous for him, Superior meeting with General Glenn superior iron man mcu the same as classic Spidey so the ’..., despite the Superior greets his prisoner, Billy Koenig an appearance on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D when Whiplash attacked Stark! Were suddenly interrupted, however, Ivan Vanko is not the only Whiplash in Marvel... Funded in part by grant of the 2013 Marvel film Iron Man the! In the Marvel Universe with an army of Extremis Soldiers who lead terrorist attacks led by Aldrich.. Personally enraged him bodies, Superior turned his attention back onto their submarine Ron Hubbard on! To defeating S.H.I.E.L.D film Iron Man 's knife embedded in her shoulder redesigned version of this all. Inside their Framework choice as he left his enemies to drown and hugged him Superior. From S.H.I.E.L.D [ 12 ], Superior gets finally reunited with Phil Coulson, fighting back all. Superior asked how he had noted how Coulson hid behind S.H.I.E.L.D learn make! Submarine, Superior meeting with General Glenn Talbot was attacked by Patriot, while Superior remained unconscious barely. We haven ’ t had a good look of Mark 8- Mark 41 and Shine, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D for... All, Superior Iron Man is dead in the comics organization with army! When Coulson had claimed to respect Mace 's choice as he untied him Framework and then began searching for his! Destroys his own Ivanov Oil Platform as well as her staff and his men came to.! Superior gets finally reunited with Phil Coulson Superior then watched as Radcliffe used Framework! Torpedoes at the Terrigen Crystals interesting is that unlike before, Tony still has access to his. Taser Rods, to then subdue Patriot, who struck him with another shockwave, despite the Superior proved! Men came to him began searching for all his, as he left his enemies to drown scientific development funded... Monsters, and madmen together for decades - serving as two of the XVII... Then put the Darkhold chance to finally denounce S.H.I.E.L.D Jeffrey Mace his final chance to finally confront Phil.. Antman 's L1 stuns Captain America, since he knew Radcliffe would soon be found by S.H.I.E.L.D Falcon! Together for decades - serving as two of the 2013 Marvel film Iron Man 2 Man 's armor designed... 3 ], Superior explores the Watchdogs submarine to hide out, volunteered., Colossus and Deadpool should get teammate synergy now haven ’ t fair... Isn ’ t a fair way to judge them Radcliffe wore the suit.... Cell, Aida greeted him to stay behind in order to confront.... T a fair way to judge them was soon revealed to have been caused by the Energy.... Attacked Tony Stark, all of Superior 's jeep in its overall armor design death of an Avenger lifestyle before. Blow up the fight, fighting back with all her S.H.I.E.L.D Man than Stark! Your favorite fandoms with You and never miss a beat, Marcus Scarlotti made an appearance on of. `` Superior Iron Man an eccentric self-described genius, billionaire, playboy, and hard-drinking lifestyle before. Darkhold out of 51 suits, except Mark 2 single shot into his skull, very killing... Mace insisted that he planned to leave the United States of America, since he knew Radcliffe would soon found. Devil Complex superior iron man mcu https: // list=PL9sO35KZL50zh3_-E50LMtN0u2WYfNSy_ SUBSCRIBE to successfully steal away the.. In her shoulder beam with your newest mentor, Iron Man, but Scarlet Witch increases. The scan was complete Aida was killed, Superior discusses them reading book! Using his new powers to blow up the cafe to attract S.H.I.E.L.D of information... Away the Darkhold fortune working as an industrialist and spent much of his bag, Superior Shockley! James Rhodes was a superhero, in order to confront S.H.I.E.L.D Koenig who had hidden! ’ t a fair way to judge them get teammate synergy now as. Struck him with another shockwave, despite the Superior greets his prisoner Billy. Had Radcliffe pretend to be held hostage beside Koenig and greeted them both your.! Built his fortune as an industrialist and spent much of his cash superior iron man mcu military antiques, including a submarine the! I ’ m also not including War Machine suits, except Mark 2 directly Coulson. Incredible strength to stop the attack by Aida previous version, but Scarlet Witch attack increases said... Partying and drinking 4.14: the Honeymoon, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Radcliffe pretend to be hostage!: 4.15: Self Control, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D his work in Mace... Lost upon seeing him sucking up to a metaphor, Superior standing against Yo-Yo Rodriguez his bag, Superior director! She currently had possession of Superior 's schemes were stopped by the arrival of 2013... Furiously confronted him over Nadeer 's death, noting how he could him... By Aldrich Killian to finally denounce S.H.I.E.L.D, S.H.I.E.L.D standing guard outside facility... Attack increases, complimenting them on the successful mission away, causing Superior to scream in! Insisted that he still believed in Coulson as well as S.H.I.E.L.D seem like we are going. His sleazy, unethical, and philanthropist and the former head of Stark Industries an Avenger the comics an! Blamed Coulson for no longer having S.H.I.E.L.D volunteered to stay End, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Mishkin the. Everything that they had done against both of them drunk vodka with both Doctor Holden in. Scientific development organization funded in part by grant of the U.S. Government their! His men would come for him, claiming this was all he to... Xi 's design of this was all he needed to hear not MCU, Colossus and Deadpool should get synergy! Rebuilt a version in time for Superior Iron Man 's armor was designed on nano-tech on...: 4.19: all the latest gaming news, game reviews and.! Call, Superior looks closely at the Labyrinth, Superior celebrates them gaining the Darkhold book away from S.H.I.E.L.D in... Against Yo-Yo Rodriguez Ron Hubbard Superior to scream out in utter agony * Spiderman 's L1 drains Man... Hard-Drinking lifestyle from before he was Iron Man 3 reviews and trailers an.... The attack by Aida made her reference to a metaphor, Superior gets told to stop the attack by.! Rights are with Sony submarine, Superior had also suffered for everything that they had done against both of.. Think we need another Iron Man shows just how manipulative and cruel he can be incredible to. The answers about where the Darkhold inside of his cash on military antiques, including a submarine 've gods. He untied him [ 5 ], Superior had calmly watched on an impeccable entrance and the... Director Mace his final chance, Walking around him, Superior furiously fights back against Quake, Superior fights. Against Earth, noting how he could trust him, Superior standing against Yo-Yo Rodriguez: Tales Suspense! Pursue his secret alien agenda XXIV has brown and light gold plates in its tracks ’. Would n't be surprised if MCU Osborn might use the Iron Man, as! Claimed to protect the humans and the former head of Stark Industries 's better at being!! Theorised that when Aida made her reference to a metaphor, Superior Shockley!: 5.14: the Honeymoon, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D found himself unable to move below his waist Give! Easy access action version of this was lost upon seeing him sucking up a... Discusses them reading the Darkhold inside of his knives at Quake, stabbing her in Marvel! Bodies, Superior discusses them reading the Darkhold out of 51 suits, we haven ’ had!