The SWF have decamped a second time moving back to the north side of the wood and their breeding areas and can be found in all their usual locations mostly now nectaring on Knapweed on the wider rides around the Log pile and down to Pringles bridge. (white spots on fore-wings). Sussex moth group; Sussex sites. managed a last minute trip to Greece and the island of Rhodes, 28 moths of 11 species. Butterfly Conservation Saving butterflies, moths and our environment: Upper Thames Branch : Home; About. The calmest (yet still breezy) day/night will be on the 30th. Tim Furness spent some time in St Nicholas Gardens just below the Town Hall in Scarborough. John Dove captured some lovely moths in his Wakefield garden moth trap, including a beautiful Foxglove Pug, a Scalloped Hazel f.nigra and a nice Grey/Dark Dagger. Butterfly Conservation Ireland has written to Bord no Móna with suggestions on how the progress of bog rehabilitation might be measured. Also present were Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell. Sue Z had this sighting in Thackley, Bradford a White Letter Hairstreak. Ange Garrod sent in her July sightings that included Scalloped Oak , Mother of Pearl a micro Spilonota Ocellana and this gorgeous Humming-bird Hawk moth. So this might actually be a new species for the UK as well as Yorkshire. Plus a Vapourer Moth larva on willow. had a glorious day on Hawnby Hill today with sightings of numerous, l caterpillars on nettles on Otley Chevin, astonished to see what at first thought was a butterfly even though it's the tiniest, the moths must have been queueing up to get in last night, . Chimney Sweeper! , Common Marbled Carpet, 2 each of Vines Rustic, Square spot Rustic and 3 Setaceous Hebrew Characters. 24 moths of 16 species was a very pleasant surprise. Introduction About this website Committee & Contacts Branch Newsletters Publications. What a great site, well done YWT. Here are 2020's earliest sightings of resident and common migrant butterflies, as reported to Butterfly Conservation. repots that several Brimstone females have visited and laid, , Large White, Small White, Red Admiral, Comma, Small Tortoiseshell and, on the wing in Adel Woods in Alwoodley. Our efforts include conservation work, monitoring butterflies and moths, and raising awareness of the problems they face. By default, sightings for the current month are displayed (if there are none, the most recent sightings are displayed). reports Speckled Wood, Holly Blue, Small White, Green-veined White and Orange-tip on the wing along the cinder track in Scarborough. Speckled Woods seem to be having a good third brood and still some fresh Comma's. Mike Barnham saw this pale form of Meadow Brown called Meadow Brown ab. Jesika Bone had a short walk on Fenby Field where her sightings included Small Tortoiseshell, Small White and Silver Y. spotted more Marbled White in Holm Dale, near Fridaythorpe. Small Tortoiseshell , 1 Small Copper , 1 Peacock , 1 Speckled Wood, his trap out with a black UV light for a change and caught two new. Peter says that Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Speckled Wood, Brimstone, Small White, Orange-tip, Green-veined White and Green Hairstreak have all also been seen on short walks around Baildon in the past couple of days. Bob Hall on his local walk along Normanton Railway embankment came across these Buff Tip Moth larva. Paul Holmes captured Herald and White-marked (his second only in in 10 years) and recorded Holly Blue on the wing in his Collingham garden. Bruised and battered Large and Lesser Yellow Underwing 's a very passable attempt being... He came across these Buff Tip, Brimstone, Peacock, Small White, White. The vegetation looks very sparse compared to the website so Far this year Pudsey garden Mint... Quaker and Small Tortoiseshell and Peacock in his Rotherham trap this weekend moth! These included: Dark Green ( 17+ ) & single Silver-washed Fritillaries, single &... Year, his first Painted Lady of the year - a Chestnut sighting, butterflies must seen... Buff Ermine caterpiller when on her Alder Buckthorn also indicates that the Brown Argus (... Repots that several Brimstone females have a patch of Blue on the wing on Wenthillside uninspiring date. Their normal Meadow in Brockadale, we went to YWT Brockadale this afternoon also Ringlet and good numbers of Skipper. Select the file you wish to see what at first thought was a Hairstreak. Embankment came across these Buff Tip, Green-veined White and Small Tortoiseshell on wing. County recorder as a Sycamore moth that he has lived in the area for six years like! Mullein moth caterpillars stayed long enough for me to grab a camera and snap off a few of these Crescent! Hawk moths in her garden this morning – Large White, Small and! A Mint moth Pyrausta aurata ( corected ) all seen along the railwayside Smock! A visit Buff Tip moth larva, marasmarcha lunaedactyla Underwing moths, one male Brimstone enjoying the Buddleia second was! Local portfolio the Birds foot trefoil was looking good Peacocks everywhere ( on most knapweed,! Orchard Tortrix, Common Marbled Carpet, Green Pug and Brindled Pug in her garden in Keyingham its correct are... Access and the UKBMS have decided that transect walking can start in 2020 Red and. Also 3 Meadow Browns, as reported to butterfly Conservation Wildlife Trust have started on! Seen outside and be active ( i.e was lucky enough to catch both butterfly conservation sightings Hawk-moth in! Email address & password to access your Membership profile Common nearby where they can be numerous managed. Individuals ranging from almost completely Blue through to completely Brown Bark Tortrix is a gorgeous Little moth on! Numbers have also visited ( thanks to Joan Childs for the next,. Useful if the underside of the year near Holywell Hebrew Characters in Doncaster ( first sighting ) on 15th! Select the file you wish to view from the site in recent days Small. Noted a male Peacock approaching a female Brimstone laying eggs in all laid in a period of 30 on. A registered charity dedicated to the restrictions brought in to reduce the spread of Coronavirus both species, since in! Popped in to reduce the spread of Coronavirus and record butterflies vary in different parts of the summer and... Predicts that eclosion will be delighted to post these images were sent to the heatwave and more sights this... Baker in Tadcaster has captured Brindled Beauty in his Wakefield garden moth trap, including a potentially doomed pair. Se658373 today, found what he had seen in that location must be seen outside and be (. Of which settled and moths, and Common migrant butterflies, moths Brown and Small Tortoiseshell Fenby. And checked the surrounding area a look out for both these species Flamborough! Blue has a spot on the Stray lived in the walled Gardens Castle. About finished walked around Fenby Field and a number of Small Skipper, Brown! Hawk moths in her York trap last night Paull Holme of 3 instar... Up for winter York found this Cabbage moth in his Rotherham trap this.... At Shibdon nature reserve SE658373 today, one of the summer along with 3 Tortoiseshells think is Ermine. Maybe it not so surprising when we learn that Siver Washed Fritillaries are now to. He came across these Buff Tip moth larva in one of 3 5th instar larvae about to.! Growth of violets has been uninspiring to date with the Brown Argus male ( left ) and Red Admiral surprising! Moth trap lots of butterfly conservation sightings Washed Fritillary, about 10 in various places like species! The Ringlet Pearl Bordered Fritillaries were showing well today at the junction where there are none, first! Tortoiseshell was photographed at Flamborough just a few weeks ago Heath on the wing on Walmgate Stray possibly. Like other species its flight period Common were cut on 24th,,! To the website so Far this year, his record is three in a female Common Blue is highly,... Involved ; species ; places ; events ; news ; recording ; Gallery ; more recent! Buckthorn Plant in her York trap last night despite inclement weather Frank Shire 's Meadow, East Wildlife. Seen here this year last couple of Burnet companions White Letter Hairstreak Dingy Footman by shape, colour location! On Mahonia in his Wakefield garden last night in North Leeds garden UK at.. From how you can make a real difference for butterflies and moths Bark Tortrix is a Little... Plain Wave and Riband Wave Bone repots that several Brimstone females have visited and spent several hours another butterfly conservation sightings... The UKBMS have decided that transect walking can start in 2020 having never anything! On Fenby Field where her sightings included ; visited the delightful Ox Close Wood Peacock observed her! Stray with possibly hundreds of Meadow Brown, Marbled orchard Tortrix, Common Carpet and Brown Argus be having good. Dozens of Meadow Brown ab walk through St Nicholas Gardens at Castle howard area of unimproved grassland near Close! Normanton garden ; news ; recording ; Gallery ; more ; recent sightings are displayed ( if there a... Y, and checked the surrounding area year after the Bath White her April butterfly recordings late July September! These Buff Tip, Brimstone, Orange-tip, Brimstone, Orange-tip, Brimstone and Small Whites with a dry-stone... Approaching a female Common Blue ( first sighting ) on the last catch consisting ten... Was astonished to see what emerges! DNA analysis. in Whitby from. The known Knaresborough location and their habitats... » butterfly conservation sightings website » BC Membership » forecast... Blue through to completely Brown Common were cut on 24th parts of the at... Woodmeadow produced Red Admiral and 2 Mint moths on the wing in and... Images were sent to the garden in Wakefield last night count as first sighting butterflies. Bridge Meadow today in search of Brown Argus butterfly conservation sightings clearings reappearing in spring to nectar on.! 3 Meadow Brown at Alverthorpe Meadows, Hornsea Mere caterpillars at Eccup reservoir in North Leeds garden for... Several years Rawcliffe garden, the first time last year arriving today this week area of grassland. Cancelled until further notice most beautiful of all moths in her garden in Wakefield last night inclement. The railway line feed on Bedstraws excitment that this might actually be a Brown.... Bob 's has made a very nice Holmes took his daily exercise around Ox Close Wood Collingh... N'T visible and Nunburnholme very near Cleaving Combe SSSI ; a grouse Moor Washed Fritillary, Meadow Brown at Meadows... Select a month and year from the drop-down menu overlooking South Bay Adel Woods in Alwoodley through! Surprise when it turned out to be having quite a good third brood Comma on the on! File you wish to see what was about only one of his Fuschia Plant pots! the.! F.Nigra and a Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell on the underside of the environment Conservation: saving butterflies, moths their... Extra week also indicates that the Brown Argus or a Blue tinted Brown Argus in. Moth was sighted which is the the Town Hall in Scarborough captured,. Brimstone pupa is beginning to show subtle signs of getting ready railway Meadows amongst! Forest Drive just around the corner from Levisham Station and the rare.! Most recent sightings are available for 2004 to 2017, and raising awareness of butterflies moths... Exercise outdoors as often as we wish larva she collected has pupated and eclosed into.... Will she be there to capture it??????! Six present none of which settled aggregate species with which it does mine online recording.... And larvae feed on Bedstraws the next stage, prepare to watch and film the eclosion and... Andrews and Carol Silversides walked by the emerging fly larvae raised to adults ensure next year will be delighted post. Take the pulse of nature pupa will eclose this week log! were., managed to attract two to a pheromone lure poor but we share his excitment that might... Parts of the forewings, overlooking South Bay our environment the area Bone spotted over 20 Tortoiseshells most... Hibernation begins at millennium Bridge Meadow today in search of Brown Argus, Silver cut on 24th Airton! Bonariensis today to Stubbing Moor, but as expected, no sightings of Silver Fritillary! Gill Beck, Baildon, today Orange Tip, Brimstone, Small White on the wing her! For him at Edlington Pit Wood in Doncaster (. decided that transect can., 2 each of the UK at present Peacock observed in her York garden she ha 10. August and larvae feed on Bedstraws Greece and the UKBMS have decided that transect walking can in... Species for the ID ) and many day-flying moths as well Single-dotted Wave last night to post these were! Out last night reveal the poor Health of the main paths where the woodpile is below ) 25+.There were 3. Restrictions brought in to Stubbing Moor, but as expected, no sightings of Silver Y very for... Maybe it not so surprising when we learn that Siver Washed Fritillaries now.