Ivan the Terrible is the Tsar of Russia. 160.5K 7. This marked the midseason break. [Alexander the Great!]      function gemius_pending(i) { window[i] = window[i] || function() {var x = window[i+'_pdata'] = window[i+'_pdata'] || []; x[x.length]=arguments;};}; [CDATA[ */ No surviving. About the project, Begin! It is the work of a director, a supreme artist who never ceased in probing new boundires, striking out uncharted paths, and searching the outer limits of his art. I'm giving you a lesson in warmongering, so I suggest you sit Balk! Try to serve Ivan. var langG = 'en_US'; Alexander the Great Edit. Report illegal content. I'm the first Tsar of all of Russia.

Ivan the Terrible marks the final stages of the cinema's greatest creative genius: SERGI EISENSTEIN. The son of Zeus coming at you like my relative like this was Sparta! The best epic rap battles of history are :- 1.) BEGIN! (Where Ivan doesn't need the wire to kill him.) Ivan the Terrible and Alexander the Great clash in this episode of Epic Rap Battles of History. IVAN THE TERRIBLE! Ivan the Terrible vs Alexander the Great (and other "greats" like Catherine, Pompey and Frederick) portrays Ivan IV as being intrinsically worse than the others which a cursory glance through their biographies would find highly generous to the latter group, with Catherine the Great shown more positively than Ivan IV. [Ivan the Terrible:] Look alive, crème de la Kremlin's arriving Try to serve Ivan? I created an empire from the Greek to the Indie. This is the first mid-season finale battle to feature a female rapper. Epic Rap Battles of History dapat anda temukan secara Free. Catherine the Great was the Empress of Russia. /* '); Catherine actually died of stroke, instead of the myth where she got crushed by a horse. When it comes to leaders, I'm an Alpha, that's something you should Bet on. That would be a real battle! Let Aristotle mind your army, cause I'm afraid they're gonna need a tutor. March south to your Achille's Heel, and that's where you'll be slaughtered. gt.setAttribute('defer','defer'); gt.src=l+'://spir.hit.gemius.pl/xgemius.js'; s.parentNode.insertBefore(gt,s);} catch (e) {}})(document,'script');
Pompey got assasinated. Alexander died after suffering from pain from downing a large bowl of unmixed wine. Here to hand you your first loss, Alexander. Smack you harder than you hit that bottle. [Ivan the Terrible!] You decide! //--> //--> Then take your chestpiece away, and then your fate shall be forgot! Get a special offer and listen to over 60 million songs, anywhere with Amazon Music Unlimited. July 11, 2016 Get a special offer and listen to over 60 million songs, anywhere with Amazon Music Unlimited.