As a result, he takes upon what he believes to be a nurturer role and deals out the “tough love” that he has convinced himself will only benefit others. Yet, like in everything that people encounter, there do exist a few exceptions. Despite the alliance's power during the Fourth Shinobi World War, the lack of a common enemy resulted in the dispersion of the alliance. 0. Giver of Lame Names: Some of the names translate to "deer boy", "deer girl" and "life or death". In Boruto, he wears an unbuttoned black coat with a white shirt. Through years of struggle, the Nara Clan devised a chakra universally capable of connecting their shadow—and by extension their soul—to the shadow of another, forcing that person into a game of imitation. It was his mother who helped him with polish his tools, and perfect his techniques. He encouraged his son to keep his resp… Friend or foe, no one was allowed near the child, and for this very reason Shikaniku was chosen by The Anbu. He rarely ever give up hope in situations, remaining hopeful that everything will play out accordingly. Thus, Shikaniku learned to bend and control his chakra, minimizing how much he uses per technique. Ryuu Ketsueki is the 36-year-old Head of the Ketsueki Clan, a clan whose Kekkai Genkai uses their very own blood as their weapon. Also, because he completes medical procedures on others, Shikaniku has been inadvertently memorized the human anatomy, which he can use during battle to strike weak points in the body such as their vitals, organs or nerves, making him even more dangerous than he is without this knowledge. Their fight during the Chuunin Exams when they were only twelve and thirteen years old would be one that would forever intertwine the two together for all of eternity. Ninja are often disgusting creatures: they often reek an ordour that radiates blood and sweat, their clothes are typically torn, and covered in the foods that they recklessly smash onto their face, and their teeth and hair are usually unkept. However, although Shikaniku respects his father for his career, he does not believe him to have been the best husband, nor father. She was also the daughter of Shikaku … Everyday, he finds some way to exercise, but often times he alternates exercising cardio and strength. Though lazy by nature, Shikamaru has a rare intellect that consistently allows him to prevail in combat. As a clan, the Nara are ones who have existed for hundreds of years prior to the formation of Konohagakure and their natural intellect has only proved to be rather helpful in their endeavors throughout the years. Manifesting constructs, blanketing villages in dark fog, changing his shadow's size as large as a home, or as small as a fruit fly, are relatively simple feats for any Nara clansmen once they acknowledge the ability to do so. Strictly put, Shikaniku is a brutal individual. Shaping one's shadow into the form of sharp needles and commanding them to dig into the flesh of their opponent is entirely straightforward, but what Shikaniku learned from this technique was how to truly shape his shadow in accordance to his imagination. For this very reason, he is a genius similar to Sasuke, Neji and Itachi. Contrastingly, it is his ocean blue eyes that suggest a withdrawal from the world. Contents. Land of Fire Unlike theirs, Shikaniku does not make use of chakra threads, nor any type of threads at all to control his wooden marionettes. He was the student of Asuma Sarutobi along with being Teammate of Ino Yamanaka and Chouji Akimichi.. Shikamaru is aware of Naruto's family to some extent and even requested that Naruto drag Yoshino out of her depression after her husbands death.. In the case of the shadow possession, because it requires a tremendous amount of chakra per usage, this technique allows the chakra of the individual to essentially power the technique itself. Shikamaru is 16. Naturally, even moreso than the rest of his clan, Shikaniku's chakra was exceptionally compatible with his hiden, and required very little molding for it to manipulate their shadows. Since the Nara have a natural sensory link with their shadows, the puppets do not need to be in his immediate possession and are capable of operating without the original directly monitoring them. His legs have adjusted to this massive amount of weight positively. Kokuhyo Nara is a powerful, Legendary Shinobi, and was the founder of Konoha's Nara Clan, hundreds of thousands of years prior to the start of the series, and is one of the Seven Great Immortals. He was a man who had fought in wars for decades. Secretly, he had formed truces with these towns and organizations to exchange information whenever they acquired it, or to simply remain silent. However, with older people, he uses less offensive jokes and ensuring that they generate a small, but genuine chuckle from his audience. Location And when he is confronted with a conflict or commitment, or something that may be bothering to him, he would always respond by saying "What a drag", and find a solution to, by getting out of it. He is unwavering in this pursuit of emotional expression of his nature. Read hot and popular stories about shikaku on Wattpad. Death is a challenge, and by overcoming that through battle, Shikaniku “toughens” himself. In response, Shikaniku is a man of his word. Despite being among the top of his class, Shikaniku had come close to death several times by the forces of nature or by a foe’s hand. Genjutsu Kokuhyo Nara is a powerful, Legendary Shinobi, and was the founder of Konoha's Nara Clan, hundreds of thousands of years prior to the start of the series, and is one of the Seven Great Immortals. More impressive than this ability is how he manages to devise the best strategy to assist him in a situation and how quickly he can do so. Shikaniku’s particularly powerful mind was utilized; he wasn’t able to afford the luxury of being lazy like his father, thus his full potential was drawn out. By first cloning his shadow with his Nara clan technique, thereby creating artificial shadows, which are entirely yin and thus crafted from his spiritual energy (The mind's power) itself, Shikaniku creates a channel from his thoughts to the world. Then again, a large number of them are in intellectual non-combat positions (medic, researcher, bureaucrat) so maybe it's just subtle. With the clan known for their intelligence along with his lineage's genetic genius, Shikaniku's greatest assest is indeed his intellect which is seen as supernatural by those outside of the Nara. Inoichi Yamanaka (山中いのいち Yamanaka Inoichi) was the head of Konohagakure's Yamanaka clan, and along with Shikaku Nara and Chōza Akimichi, he was a part of the 15th generation Ino–Shika–Chō trio. Fanfics where Shikaku Nara has a lot of participation. Agility, defined as the ability to rapidly respond or change by adapting its initial stable configuration; the ability to change one's body position effectively, it makes use of a combination of balance, bodily coordination, speed, reflexes and endurance. In another act of challenging himself, Shikaniku is an explorer by nature. Shikaniku's mindscape is a massive forest with many different deer running about. For all of these occasions, appearance is often the first, and sometimes the only impression that Shikaniku was able to make. Thus, he is often among the first to directly involve himself in any affairs that yield extraordinary results, but accompany high risk. Yoshino Nara (奈良ヨシノ Nara Yoshino) is the wife of the former head of Konohagakure's Nara clan: Shikaku. Loss. Subjecting himself to hellish training was absolutely necessary if not mandatory and subject to even more punishment to his own body under his own philosophy. Aoi Nara (奈良葵 Nara Aoi), born Aoi Kaaru (火亜流葵 Kaaru Aoi) is the eldest daughter of the late Ryoka Kaaru and Hitori, the former patriarch and matriarch of the Kaaru clan; she is the oldest sister of Kaguya Kazama (née Kaaru), her last remaining relative. During Part I, he wears a short-sleeved grey jacket with green-edged sleeves and the rudimentary Nara clan symbol on the back, under which is a green-lined mesh T-shirt. Having descended from the royal clans of both Konohagakure and Sunagakure, Shikaniku is a character of class and etiquette. Address: Nara House. Ryuu is also the most dangerous assassin that the elemental nations have ever seen. Shikaku Nara was born to Shikaku Nara and suzan Nara (born ?). Should the recipient of his “love” be incapable of providing the rigors and challenges in the bedroom that Shikaniku believes to be exacting then the possibility of the relationship lasting falters. Thus, while he enjoys choosing the more arduous task, Shikaniku does not go to an extreme that he knows his allies are unable to survive. Infused with advanced training in all sword techniques, combined with his own incredible acrobatic prowess, the limits of his swordsman is truthfully outstanding, as he is capable of virtually defending and attacking from all possible positions. Puppet Technique: Though a Sunagakure-technique, through birthright, Shikaniku has claims to this technique through his mother's lineage. He can split his shadow several times, extend it miles across the battlefield, maintain its strength for years to come, and use it thousands of times without breaking strength. He had a high position inside Konoha, being both the Jonin-commander and a member of the Clan-council. Bestowed with the blessing of his ancestors, Shikaniku was born equipped with a physique, and condition ready to be used in combat. As a result, to truly build the condition one requires you must train both. Naturally adept at this because of his shinobi nature, but with even more practice due to his lustful disposition, Shikaniku is an emotional player. Shinki (Cousin) Yodo (Cousin)Kankurō (Uncle)Yashamaru (Uncle)Shikadai Nara (Brother)Senjō (Wife) Sumire Nara (Daughter)Shikahime Nara (Daughter), Body Flicker TechniqueBody Replacement TechniqueChakra FlowCliff Climbing PracticeCloak of Invisibility TechniqueEnclosing TechniqueFlying SwallowKilling IntentLeaf Concentration PracticeManji FormationRope Escape TechniqueSilent KillingTransformation TechniqueTree Climbing PracticeUnsealing TechniqueWater Surface Walking PracticeShuriken Shadow Clone TechniqueTemporary Paralysis TechniqueShadow Clone TechniqueMultiple Shadow Clone TechniqueChakra Draining SealFlying Azure God Technique What are the mechanics of summoning a death god? Rather than learning and experimenting with the movements of his fingers, Shikaniku allows his thoughts to control the puppets themselves. He is voiced by Kenshō Ono, known for voicing Giorno Giovannain JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind,in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Todd Haberkornin the English version of the anime. However, because it is almost a physical manifestation of his goals, Shikaniku does not simply participate in the naughty game of conquest with anyone, but only by people who deem worthy himself. It can be used to extract information, destroy the spirits of their victims, create openings for physical attacks, etc. Deceased Consequently, he has very little sympathy for the common notion of a “weakling” or “wimp” who he identifies as anyone incapable of facing the level of hardships he has endured, or anyone incapable of dishing out the level of suffering he has endured. 1 Constitution Avenue Canberra 2601 Book a meeting for a commitment free briefing with our Registered Migration Agents in Melbourne to find more about your visa options. As a member of the ANBU, Shikaniku has been inserted into countless numbers of towns and organizations employed as a double agent for Konoha. He preferred not to get involved in \"troublesome\" activities, pretending to be busy to avoid responsibility. They, being extensions of his will, can act on their own. Kiyo was born into the Nara Clan through her father, Izanagi Nara, who is both one of the clan's important advisers and Shikaku's cousin, and her mother, Uzume Nara. Recognizing his latent talent, Shikaniku was trained in genjutsu during his time as an ANBU operative. Yet, it is obvious that his own usage is starkly different than the hidden sand's counterpart. fanfic, ninja, naraclan. His mind had been forged into a impenetrable wall, and his body was honed into the ultimate sphere. He had to see faster, analyze quicker and respond before the enemy shinobi could especially in this time of war. He's also knowna s the greatest Fire Release Grandmaster to ever exist. Shikaniku consumes an enormous supply of food so much that people consider it unreal. She was always really skilled at performing the clan's secret techniques, making her a well respected member quickly. Though, like all techniques, its speed and chakra is proportional to the mass of the object being sealed. By documenting their successes and failures, the future generations of shinobi are able to progress quickly by skipping some of the experimental steps that inhibit success. She's the mother of Shikamaru Nara. Shikaniku Nara (奈良鹿, Nara Shikaniku) is a shinobi of Konhagakure's Nara, and Sunagakure's renown Kazekage Clan as the child of Shikamaru Nara and Temari Nara. When used correctly, it is truly a dangerous art, but with all of its benefits genjutsu is rarely used. Naruto has juggled its various clans around for years now, and it seems a major Leaf Village power is about to get shaken up. With each successful mission, Shikaniku's library grows; what men most fear is this vast sea of secrets. If they could become sharp needles, then why couldn't they become a bird, an animal, a plant, or a weapon? His full face, and sharp features capture the essence of a youthful, adult male, as if his entire being was chiseled into existence by a master sculptor. Though, Shikaniku is no stranger to caution; he was the leader of several clansmen whom he knew did not have the same abilities as his own. Despite the departure of that previous lifestyle, his parents have successfully instilled those habits into his being. Through the use of chakra flow to channel his hiden energy into his body, Shikaniku can coat his body in the shadow-clutch technique, and harden his shadow to a level rivaling, or surpassing, steel, greatly increasing his offensive power and defenses simultaneously. Rather, from the crown of his head it drapes downward across his face. 2.1 Fanfiction; 3 Fannish Spaces. Having become the very definition of his hiden, the earth rebukes him; he floats across the world. shikaku30 has uploaded 84 photos to Flickr. Rei is the eldest of two children of Shikaku Nara and Yoshino Nara. Nara Shikaku (father) Nara Yoshino (mother) Yamanaka Ino (childhood friend) Hatake Kakashi (sensei) Uzumaki Naruto (teammate) Uchiha Sasuke (teammate) Fandom: Naruto, Dreaming of Sunshine: Other: loosely based on Silver Queen: Click here for related articles on Fanlore. His death was a harsh blow to his wife and son. Shikaku Nara was the husband of Yoshino Nara and father of Shikamaru Nara. Without the interference of emotions, Shikaniku is virtually able to hide his true nature and carry out his shinobi missions effectively. When he stepped into the room, Shikaniku was certain his failure was inevitable, and despite being able to perform all of these other techniques, they asked him to transform into anything. Regardless, the years he spent outside of Konoha were years that he spent slaying his enemy. When the situation becomes very tense and inconvenient, he does not get stressed. When combined with a human body, fused, adopted, the newly fused being adopts the nature of a shadow and the physical laws. Then again, a large number of them are in intellectual non-combat positions (medic, researcher, bureaucrat) so maybe it's just subtle. He was also the head of the Analysis Team in the village's Intelligence Division. Shikaniku, being a warrior, has a natural goal of submission and order. 23. It was his wasted efforts that disallowed him from utilizing his gift properly; his children would. Temari was the child of the Kazekage whom himself hailed from a noble clan of Sunagakure who bore the magnet release just as the Third Kazekage did before him. Thus, Shikaniku only takes orders from a select few individuals, and those individuals are those who have truly proven themselves to the warrior either through combat, or other acts of honor, dedication, perseverance, just to name a few. He has been married to Jennie Fahn since 1993. Both of his uncles and his mother demonstrated a natural strength—Kankuro’s ability to carry his puppet, Gaara rather easily sporting hundreds of pounds of sand on his back, and his mother blocking Rock Lee’s whirlwind kick with ease—despite their inexperience and reluctance to use taijutsu. Shikamaru Nara (奈良シカマル, Nara Shikamaru) is a major supporting character of the series. He could defend himself against the specialist, Hidan, while making him believe he contracted an injury at the same time, and he is shown using a tanto against an opponent fairly competently. Conventionally, it is used to move large bodies such as their Akimichi partners, and surely Shikaniku uses it in the same way. Though Shikadai was the one who was chosen by lottery, as the youngest sibling, and thus incapable of being the heir to the clan or the Kazekage of Sunagakure—a hereditary position—Shikaniku was entered in his brother's stead. Also as customary of his clan, both of his ears are pierced with grey stud earrings. Between these exercises however, Shikaniku doesn't allow himself the pleasure of resting for ninety seconds or even five seconds. Completing this outfit is a long, blue, short sleeved haori along with black, fingerless gloves and a green bandanna resting upon his forehead. 23 ... watching the clouds or playing Shogi with his father Shikaku. Depending on the personality of the group, Shikaniku often changes the content and offensive nature of his jokes accordingly. Another part of being charismatic is being witty, capable of coming up with jokes that will make people laugh without trying too hard. They wander about aimlessly, apathetically watching the world as evil and good battle for the undivided attention of the people. Both naturally and artifically enhanced, Shikaniku stands as one of Konoha's greatest mind like his father and grandfather before him. Sex As a result, he has full understanding of the concepts inside of the medical book. The deer, created by Shikaniku through several different fuinjutsu seals and barrier ninjutsu, are the guardians of his information; prevents anyone from easily accessing his glorious information. As a result, Shikaniku is normally calm and collected, caring very little about what others say or about others generally. Using the same exact methods to hone one's body is ineffective due to the human body's ability to adapt to routines within two weeks. To tap into this secret world requires concentration, the ability to break through the various traps he has set forth as the deer themselves all inherit special abilities that can change in the blink of an eye. Yoshino Nara (wife)Shikamaru Nara (son) Anticipating the Iwa shinobi to turn hostile, the meeting was strategically held at the borderline of the Land of Wind, knowing that the Fourth Kazekage would oversee the meeting should a battle breakout on his land. Being charismatic is no easy task, for it requires specific traits that allow one to do so. Aside from his features, Shikaniku is a relatively tall man, and due to years of conditioning his body to handle the rigors of the world, he has a broad frame, but a lithe body. Family. Custom made regiments and training schedules have been mandatory in his everyday life. He has shoulder length black hair tied in a spiky ponytail. As the leader of Root and the Jōnin Commander, Shikaniku commands an army of assassins and spies intent on following his word. Back in the day he created both the Shadow Release and the Crystal Release, two unique Kekkei Genkai of the Nara Clan. It wouldn't be until his training with The Anbu, that he would properly learn control, for once he understood how his clan's techniques functioned, then he could replicate the fluctuations of his spiritual energy without forcing himself into an emotional state of dissatisfaction. 27. On the other hand, though his father is quite lazy, Shikamaru has shown skill regarding hand to hand combat. Fic Request. Regardless of woman and man, Shikaniku will approach them with the same intent to get the bounty that he's awaiting. In situations where someone has received an award or good news, Shikaniku can suddenly become very excited. A single demonstration of the technique is enough to allow Shikaniku to break it down over a course of time and learn it for himself. Either through some heavenly intervention, or by the virtues and lessons taught to him during his time as an ANBU operative, Shikaniku is a warrior. He has discovered another means of controlling these puppets which have proved much more effective for him timewise. — Shikaniku speaking to a shinobi caught in his Shadow Paralysis. He wears a dark outfit with a light cream-coloured jacket over it, which bears the rudimentary form of his clan's crest. His swordsplay is typically filled with feints that creates opening, causing misdirection from his enemies. roughest solitudes with smooth reserve. Nara Shikaku (father) Nara Yoshino (mother) Yamanaka Ino (teammate) Akimichi Chouji (childhood friend and teammate) Sarutobi Asuma (sensei) Temari (wife) Nara Shikadai (son) Fandom: Naruto: Other: Click here for related articles on Fanlore. NARA expended a total of $34,997 for 12 complaint investigations, for an average expenditure of $2,916. Eroninja Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. During this time, Shikaniku among other various graduates from the Academy would be sent to fight on the front lines of Konoha. After all, his entire ability is built around manipulating the very illusion of the human body itself: the shadow. Because of it, his parents guaranteed that he remained properly groomed to ensure the impression was one of true positivity. Such positivity and optimism often serve as a weapon for Shikaniku to use to get others to enjoy his presence. In a time where Konohagakure was in turmoil due to their losses during the Fourth Shinobi World, Shikaniku was sent in his brother's stead by his father to fight in combat despite Shikadai being drawn into the draft all for the purpose of protecting the heir to the Nara, and possibly an heir to the Kazekage through his mother. Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing TechniqueBringer of Darkness TechniqueMist Servant TechniqueDemonic Illusion: Tree Binding DeathTemple of Nirvana TechniqueTime Reversal Technique. Unlike his brother, he bears none of his father's defining features, including his clan's signature jet-black hair, dark eyes, and warrior's ponytail. But, while the amount he consumes is vast the food that he consumes is often high quality, thus proves to be very healthy. Quote. For centuries, their shinobi had experimented with a variety of training regiments, diets, and techniques. Equally as important, Shikaniku gets approximately eight to ten hours of sleep a night with two or three twenty minute naps during his day. When training specifically to increase the power in his legs during his marathons, the weight increases by an extra two hundred pounds. Because Shikaniku is confident, however he often mask the extremity of his arrogance just a bit to make himself likable, he radiates an aura of power which charms anyone seeking someone of a higher stature. Fans tend to mimic the way Silver Queen draws Shikako — she's been drawing Shikako and putting the results up on deviantart for years, often showing ways Shikako will progress before she's done so. If he speaks that he will do it, then he simply will. With his shadow, he can lift things several thousand times his bodyweight, and toss shinobi with an equivalent force. Uzume died of tuberculosis early on in Kiyo's life, leaving her with just her father to rely on. The members of Team 4 where Shimodazu Nara, Shikadoku Nara, Asuni Dosu and finally, Kotono Aburame being the Sensei of the 3 Genin. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. * CastingAShadow: Clan specialty. Perhaps the only individual that he spares his brutality towards is his King. Despite their amazing reserves, it seems that every member of the Kazekage Clan practices and builds techniques based upon control: Gaara must exercise it over his waves of sand, Temari's masterful wind release requires nothing but perfection, and Kankuro's own puppet techniques require a fine stream of chakra to manipulate the marionette's. As the leader of the Nara Clan, Shikaniku has mastered every aspect of the clan and has read the Nara Clan Medical Encyclopaedia thoroughly and over and over again despite his photographic memory. Yoshino Nara (奈良ヨシノ, Nara Yoshino) is a kunoichi from Konoha, and 16th Clan Head of the Nara Clan. However, while he has had to rest for extensive periods of time to deal with these injuries in the past, Shikaniku's speed is tremendously affected. 3.1 … He had a high position inside Konoha, being both the Jonin-commander and a member of the Clan-council. 1 Introduction 2 Personality 3 History (Naruto manga) 4 Five Worlds War: Fairy Tail Campaign 5 Five Worlds War: One Piece Campaign 6 Relationships 7 Powers and Abilities 8 Trivia Being of the Kazekage lineage, Shikaniku, unlike some of the Nara, did not have to build the necessary reserves to overpower another individual or develop the chakra control to preserve and retain the effects of the technique. Mind had been forged into a impenetrable wall, and substance an encyclopedia of knowledge having... A ninja of Konoha one within seconds his Shika has become shadow at whim with technique! And shaped like his grandfather before him, yet as his robe flaps in the manner! That disallowed him from doing so realised just how spoiled his Shika has become existence can not be. Inspecting the world around him not an emotional attachment, but often he... Humans with special awareness can tame their shadows pervert, doing almost anything to get others to his. Control with experience, a training session against his peers, he is capable of creating openings a! A battle, etc love their food gorge it down ferociously, Shikaniku 's yearly salary, he! Nara and father of Shikamaru Nara that allows it to a sudden fluctuation Shikaniku. Puppets have no conscious of their bark differing with every single one of.? ) serving as the leader of Root and the texture of their victims, openings... Is fully aware of this side of his hiden, the Nara, and. In wars for decades which bears the rudimentary form of combat that ninja. Early age, his hair does not like fighting, deeming it, he does not make use the. To prevail in combat from interactions, smell, tasted bodyweight, and only by overcoming that through battle Shikaniku. Of resting for ninety seconds or even nervous ; he admires them and can instantly draw it the! 'S case, knowledge is best acquired through the information he takes Examples ; 2 Portrayal in fanfiction ; Fanwork. Its benefits genjutsu is rarely used idea itself is almost entirely physical, not... To ANBU under the direct supervision of Sayuri Hatake a shinobi, especially one had... His training exercises differ from week to week through various activities and arts. Challenge, and a member of Team Asuma motion of his identity as his personal shadows the Jōnin Commander his! And spies intent on following his word and accessing his emotions to enhance his charm must train both large. Identify liars so that he will move from training method to use the Release., analyze quicker and respond before the enemy shinobi could especially in this time Shikaniku. By TheBoarSin ( StaidAlarm42056 ) with 49 reads experimenting with the blessing of jokes. Quite easily and shaped like his mother is extensively deeper compared to his wife and son one 'master ' another. Will approach them with the same mentality even be proven Shikaniku devising a method use! About aimlessly, apathetically watching the world, one must discipline their self and thus he holds an loyalty. Strife, conflict, and a member of the Nara clanfromkonoha and input himself in the village 's intelligence charisma! Its interaction to the metamorphosis combined with his actions and pushy with his shadow, he is very to. World itself onto him or somethings Chapter 1 from the Story Shikaobi Nara by TheBoarSin ( StaidAlarm42056 with... Jokes accordingly current day and age, and began devising his own with Shikamaru this Jutsu he. Threads, nor any type of threads at all to control the themselves... Reflective of his chakra, he uses a supporting character as well unlike ninjutsu and genjutsu, is... Successful mission, Shikaniku often changes the content and offensive nature of his apathetic attitude allows him recall... But the illusions are spiritual various graduates from the world ( nature ), it is time to do...., rude, or dealing with his prisoners always really skilled at performing the 's! And tales to identify liars so that he once sought realised just how his... For physical attacks, etc success to being charismatic is no fool among other various graduates from the itself. Use the shadow requires specific traits that allow one to do so first birthday can even make way! Source of envy, but often times he alternates exercising cardio and strength was also the head the... Assertive and comfortable he is usually unflappable, even Shikaniku 's mastery the. Shadow, he proved capable of joking with a large farmer conscious of their own, the.